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Routing Number:  051403957

Other Banking Services

Box Size Yearly Rental Fee
2x5 $20.00
3x5 $25.00
5x5 $40.00
 3x10  $45.00
 5x10  $65.00
 10x10  $85.00
 10x15  $95.00
  **Sizes may vary by location**

Safe Deposit Boxes

A convenient place to store important personal items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Benefits include:

  • Vault storage
  • Private
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums
  • Affordable rental fees

American Express

Carter Bank & Trust offers the following American Express products at selected offices:

  • Single-signature regular checks - $1.50 per $100
  • "Checks for Two" regular checks - $2.00 per $100
  • Gift checks - $2.50 each

Notary Services

Notary services are available at most offices for customers and non-customers. 

Costs are:

  • Free for all CB&T customers with an open, active account
  • $5.00 per signature for non-customers

Wire Transfers

Repetitive and non-repetitive wire transfer services which allow the transfer of funds, as well as incoming and outgoing wires from a Carter Bank & Trust account are offered.  The fees are listed below:

  • $6.00 incoming wire transfer fee
  • $15.00 outgoing wire transfer fee

Night Depository

CB&T's night depository service includes one free night deposit bag* and keys for commercial customers.  Charges for additional bags and replacement keys are:

  • $20 Night Depository Bag (including keys)
  • $5 Night Depository bag keys only
  • $5 Night Depository chest key
* A night deposit bag is not required to use the night depository service.

Money Orders

Money Orders may be purchased by Carter Bank & Trust customers only.  A Money Order has a face value limit of $500.00. The fee for each Money Order is $2.00.

Cashier's Checks

Cashier's Checks are available only to Carter Bank & Trust customers.  The purchase of a Cashier's Check must be from guaranteed funds. Each Cashier's Check costs $4.00.

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