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40-year Journey

A 40-year Journey: President & Chief Banking Officer Phyllis Karavatakis looks back on her career at Carter Bank

Reprint from the Martinsville Bulletin, May 5, 2018

MARTINSVILLE – In 1978, Phyllis Karavatakis first stepped foot in Carter Bank and Trust. “I worked in the accounting department doing various administrative and accounting tasks as assigned,” Karavatakis said. Merely five years later, she received a major promotion – the first of many. “In 1983, I earned my


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(Left to Right) From Carter Bank & Trust, Andy Meece; Phyllis Karavatakis; Felisa France; Sheila Carter and Beverly Pitzer, who is a United Way board member; and from United Way, President of the board Dru


Dr. Karen White, assistant vice president and managing officer, at our 800 Gardens Blvd. branch in Charlottesville, along with this branch itself, received special recognition during the Stonewall Jackson Area Council Boy Scouts of America Friends Scouting Luncheon on March 1, 2018.

Karen was honored for her four years of service to the Boy Scouts. She serves on the Boy Scouts' endowment committee, as well as a table hostess for the organization's annual fundraising event.

With Karen's leadership and Carter Bank's