09/17/2018: Liberty University names athletic tower in honor of Worth Harris Carter, Jr.

On September 1, 2018, during Liberty University’s opening football game of the season, which also was Carter Night, the game paused to pay tribute to our founder, Worth Harris Carter, Jr., “in appreciation of his love and generous support of Liberty University and Liberty Flames Athletics.”

This tribute included the formal announcement of naming Liberty University’s athletic tower, the Carter Tower, in memory of Mr. Carter. Inside Carter Tower, there is a plaque that in part reads:

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell said, “I can attest to the fact that Liberty University would not have survived the financial struggles it faced in the 1990’s, if Worth Carter had not believed in the school and the incredible potential it had.  His willingness to loan to Liberty when the big banks all said ‘no’ was key to Liberty stabilizing its finances and growing to become one of the most successful and prosperous universities in the nation.”