A CD special you'll FALL in love with

Autumn is here. Leaves fall. Our CD Special interest rates rise.

It’s a special time of year. Like the fall season, out fall CD specials are only here for a short time. Act fast before they’re gone.

At Carter Bank & Trust, we do things differently. Take a look at our fine print to see how we put our customers first with terms that make banking with us a pleasure. Our fall CD specials are just one of the many ways we’ll show you that we want to be your Lifetime Financial Partner.

Limited-time offer starting September 17.

Call or visit one of our 100+ branches throughout Virginia and North Carolina to learn more. 

2.40% APY*  25-Month Term


2.75% APY* 45-Month Term

Minimum Balance of $5,000 to open


It’s the season for great Carter Bank & Trust CD rates and terms.  Read our fine print.
*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes principle and interest remain on deposit until maturity. Interest is compounded daily and may be credited to Certificate of Deposit (CD) monthly, quarterly or annually. To earn APY, minimum balance must be $5,000. Penalty for early withdrawal will be imposed. Fees may reduce earnings. Open to new and existing customers, consumer or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum balance to open?

  • No

Can a business Participate?

  • Yes

Do IRAs qualify for the promotion?

  • Yes

Will we waive penalty as we currently do for IRA customers who are 59 1/2 and older?

  • Yes